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Website Technology

We're always innovating with future technology

At SWA Design we're always researching the next technology that will make our development a generation ahead.

On average we've found we have always been 1-2 years ahead of the industry average which has given us a unique selling point compared to an already crowded industry.

New technology doesn't always yield better results, when testing new technology out on projects we usually end up going for the most reliable solution out there that has good backwards compatibility. However we are finding since the bigger companies such as Adobe, Microsoft, Firefox, Google push-out older technology it has become easier to implement the newer technology. 

One thing we're really excited about is content being the key-driver for digital marketing this year, however social media has bought it's own problems by creating so much of it. This is some ways excites us as a company as are currently developing interesting ways to optimise website content dynamically using Artificial Intelligence to give a dynamic and unique user-experience overtime. From the menu to the content and everything in between we believe that future sites will have unique experiences to match every-changing trends.

That aside, the near future holds for websites to have purpose and great content, much more than just a social network stream down the side of your website.

Here's a quick list of technology we are using/future technologies we are currently innovating our future services with. We are constantly adding to this list and refining for each solution we deliver. 

Bootstrap 3.0/4.0 BETA, CSS 2.0/3.0, HTML 4.0/5.0 and jQuery 2.2/3.0 BETA