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IOD Student Mentor Programme

IOD Student £10 Challenge - My Experience 

What is it?

The challenge was a very simple one, give £10 to a group of Nottingham Trent University Student and then assign them a Mentor from the business world to help them make as much money as possible in 2-3 weeks with all the profits going towards the John Van Geest Cancer Research Centre in Nottingham.

Why did I do it?

As well running the day-to-day services and products of my business I enjoy helping other aspiring people to start their own business as I understand what it's like to start from nothing. I also liked the opportunity to raise money for a great cause, which is one of the first times I've organised a charity event before.

The Team

My team was a great bunch of enthusiastic students who were primed and ready to tackle the challenge. I had a very relaxed almost non-business approach to the task as it was for charity, I wanted the focus on the passion and events that we created rather than worrying about profit margins. 
They were a great team who always kept in touch and were able to dedicated 100% effort while balancing studies and social life too.

The Events

We hosted some awesome events. We started with simple ideas such as Raffles, Guess the sweets and then discussed approaching venues to host events such as a Pub Quiz and a Photo Booth. We managed to secure events quickly and ensure that everyone got involved from organising to recruiting and delivering the event. They were some great nights. 

Would I do it again?

Definitely! Not only do you get to meet and inspire students you get to raise money for a fantastic cause with 100% of every donation you make going directly to their research, staff and facilities.

What next?

After debriefing with my team over a causal chat and glass of wine I told them that at anytime feel free to get it contact and let me know how I can help them get to where they want to be. I feel as a Mentor you work should never stop and you should always carry on supporting young entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Thank you once again to the IOD Student team for organising the event along with John Van Geest Cancer Research Centre.

Look forward to meeting my new team next year! 

- Haydn