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Business Applications.

Take your business to the cloud.

We have built business applications for a variety of industries that wanted to have the ability to have applications that grew with their business. 

Every application we build has scalability on our cloud platform to handle increasing data and functionality no matter how big or complex your application grows. 

Some examples of our business applications are as follow:

National Chauffeur Company 

We have been consistently developing a booking system we designed and built for a national chauffeur company for over six months, adding functionality as the business grew. They have the ability to manage all their customers, pass jobs and visually map where their drivers will be through a day, as well as been able to produce reports on bookings over a period of time, 

National to International Home Business Company

We are consistently working on a one-to-one basis with a home business company in the UK which needs the flexibility to grow from a uk-based company to an international company. We ensured this by building the system to be as open and flexible to change so new features can be added and a user can manage their account securely from anywhere. 

This particular system integrated fully into their website, ensuring the website grew as the data grew and any data collected was passed back into the system ready to action. The system regularly produces real-time reports and analytics enabling their team to act is the rapidly "now" era of online audiences. 

Small and Medium Businesses

If this sounds of interest to you, get it touch for a free review on what we can do for you.