4K Photography & Film

As a company who likes to make the latest technology in reach of the everyday person, we bring you 4K Photography & Film. 

Using our trusty Panasonic G7, we are able to capture the precise moment of an event with 4K photography. In short, 4K photography is where we record a short 4K video and are able extract a 4K still picture

As well capturing the unexpected moments, we can record in full 4K at 30 fps, perfect for everyday video or we can step it up to 60 fps at 1080 HD to capture smooth slow-motion.  

We are able to be completely flexible and work with existing photographers or we can be a standalone service. Our rates can vary depending if you'd like us for a short period or a specified time-frame over a few hours or days. 

If this sounds of interest to you, please get in touch.